Manipulation of data by hackers may be next threat, warns US cybersecurity chief

Computer hackers could do more damage than just stealing the information they find online, the nation’s top cybersecurity official said in Pittsburgh Monday.

Computer thieves already hit U.S. companies daily, looking for trade secrets, bank account information and the inner-workings of operating systems, said Adm. Michael Rogers, who heads both the National Security Agency and U.S. Cyber Command.

“What happens when nation-states, groups, individuals no longer want to steal data [but] they want to manipulate data — and suddenly we can’t believe what we’re seeing?” Rogers said at the University of Pittsburgh. “Much of our structure is based on the whole idea of trust. If you log on, you can believe what you’re seeing. … (Manipulation) would be huge collectively for us as a nation, but more broadly, the world.”

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